Cold Sweat

Former Members

Cold Sweat, like Spinal Tap, has had many drummers. Of the former band members listed here, only one, bassist David Fultz, is not a drummer.

Rick Mondi

Drums & percussion, vocals

A well rounded musician, Rick Mondi was a founding member of the band. He left the band while Cold Sweat was still based in Potsdam, New York, not seeing himself as a drummer, but as a singer-songwriter. He now lives in the Utica area and performs as a piano player. Rick sits in with Cold Sweat on percussion and drum kit occasionally.

Patrick "The Gaff" Gaffney

Drums & percussion

Also a founding member of Cold Sweat, Pat was initially more percussionist than drum kit player. When Rick left Cold Sweat, Pat assumed all drum responsibilities and the band never went back to being a five-piece.

Pat performs with bands in the Boston area.

David Fultz

Bass, vocals

Bob Holz


Ray Brych


Gary Briggs


Mike Russ